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"The true beauty of a 'Real' Santa is the magic image he creates for children and guests." 





Certain items are limited to stock on hand and orders that are currently in process.


As part of my company's programs, I travel a couple of weekends a month, teaching my School4Santas.  Most orders can be filled quickly.  However, any clothing or custom made items will take a few weeks to order and reship to you.  I want you to know this before you order, as some items do take a bit longer than others.  If you have any concerns or questions, please call or email me.     


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"Behind the Red Suit"

A How-To Book on the Business of Santa


 "12th Anniversary Edition"


Now more than 230 pages with Additional elements on Mrs. Claus, plus more photos and illustrations: including the Origins of Santa Claus; The basics of being a Santa; How to handle and talk to children; Your Image as Santa; Grooming and Appearance; Santa's Magic Suit; What others think of you; Being prepared and organized; Starting and Marketing Your Own Business; Where to Find Work; Working for Others; Starting a Digital Photo Service; Using Social Media for Marketing and an appendix of sample contracts, forms and useful information.


$60.00, plus shipping and handling


Alumni wishing to purchase an updated copy, at a reduced price, should visit the School4Santas web site.  Must have attended IUSC.

NEW  Santa Face Stickers
 What a wonderful item for Santa or Mrs. Claus to give to every child.  Why even adults like them.  The possibilities are endless with these holiday stickers!  Add them to wrapped Christmas packages or use them as seals on envelopes or gift bags.

(100 stickers/roll, 1 1/2" )  (+ shipping & handling)

Santa Face Stickers
Santa's Socks

Extra Large  for  sizes 10 -13

Moisture control/odor resistant

Double welt top to secure placement

Ankle support for stability,

Arch support for great comfort

Full-cushioned sole

Smooth comfort toe seam.
Fiber Content:
95% Polypropylene, 5% Lycra® Spandex

1 pair 6.99  -  2 pair 12.99

3 pair 17.99  -  4 pair 22.99

5 pair  27.99  -  6 pair 32.99


Select Amount

Holiday Roll Stickers
Here's a wonderful item that Santa can present to every child.  Give them a Holiday sticker to put on their shirt or the back of  their hand.  Or even on their cheek.  The possibilities are endless with these holiday stickers!  Add them to wrapped Christmas packages or use them as seals on envelopes or gift bags. Kids love the Santa, Christmas tree, snowman and other yuletide designs.

Holiday Sticker Assortment. (100 stickers/roll, 10 rolls/unit, shrink-wrapped) 1 1/2" Assortment may vary.  (+ shipping & handling)

10 rolls 1000 Stickers  $15.99
20 rolls 2000 Stickers $29.99 
Holiday Stickers

Santa's Canvas Belt

This military style, canvas belt sports a special chrome plated buckle with an Old English "S" die cut in the nickle plated buckle.

Larger sizes available upon request

Extra Large up to 54"   $8.99(+ S & H)

 Extra-Extra Large up to 66"   $9.99(+ S& H)
 Extra-Extra-Extra Large up to 75"   $10.99(+ S& H)

Select Size - Trim to Fit

Reindeer Buttons

1-1/8 inch  Gold finish

These are quality American made metal buttons with a bright gold finish.  Ideal for your Santa Suit, or Blazer. 


Five Buttons - $8.99 + S & H 



"SC" Buttons

1 inch  Gold finish

Santa's Button with his initials and a wreath around the border.  These are quality American made metal buttons with a bright gold finish.  Ideal for your Santa Suit, or Blazer. 


Five Buttons - $10.99 + S & H 


Holiday Jingle Bands
Santa's gettin' his Jingle On!

The Best available.  Kids will love the sound when Santa arrives!  In red and green for the holidays.  Each JingleBand has four solid steel bells riveted onto a 9.5 inch long strap with a kid friendly Velcro fastener. Connect two more together!   Click here to listen

One pair - 1 each, red and green bands
$10.99 plus shipping



Rudolph's Magic  Glove

by Santa Tim


Imagine the magic!  A child asks, "How does Rudolph's nose glow so bright?"   Santa leans down, and as he touches the child's nose, a bright red glow appears!

These special gloves are specially designed and prepared by Santa's elves.  They can't tell you their secret, (but we can mention an extra bright red LED hidden in the index finger).  You will enhance every child's belief in the Real Santa Claus and Rudolph! 


Select which hand you prefer the LED
Select Right or Left Handed


($45.00 per pair  + shipping  handling)


+ s&h

The Santa Map

Follow the boot prints of a Christmas legend. The best holiday book this year isn't a book at all. It's a panoramic map that unravels the mystery - and the history - of old St. Nick. From the earliest solstice festivals to the jolly fellow's film career, The Santa Map surveys the abiding magic of the eternal winter visitor. Your family will love tracing Santa's travels across time and continents with this giant fold-out map. Designed to warm hearts and open minds.

This special map includes:

  • Santa Claus: An Unauthorized Biography (a timeline from 10,000 B.C. to present day)

  • The World of Santa Claus (a world map showing winter celebrations and cultural points which shaped the Santa story)

  • Visions of Santa Claus (in-depth stories and pictures illustrating the evolution of Santa's image and personality)

  • Printed on premium paper with bright and vibrant color, this map measures 26.5" x 39" when unfolded.






Santa's Wardrobe often finds special products that they want all Santas to know about.  Santa Randy and Debbie Gabrelcik have been offering SantaSCents for the past six years to Santas all over the world. Visit their website and consider ordering one or more of the great scents they have to offer. SantaSCent fragrances are made with highly concentrated extracts from the aromatic parts of herbs, flowers, trees, grains, spices and powders. Priced at just $18 / bottle.
Click here to go directly to SantaSCents




Santa's Magic Christmas Stocking
The Christmas Magic Change Bag
created by Santa Glenn Heald
Any 'good' child reaching into Santa's Magic Stocking can bring forth a shiny bell that rings.  But, when the 'naughty' child or adult reaches in they only find a broken bell with no jingle.  A special adaptation of the traditional magician's change bag, Santa's Magic Stocking/Change bag is created for any person to make a Christmas illusion, a Santa, Mrs. Claus, Magician, Clown, or anybody can do it. You can use bells or use the bag as a standard change bag to make items disappear and re-appear. 8" across the top by 15" long.   This item is sold direct by Santa Glenn Heald.
$39.00  plus shipping and handling
includes full instructions. 
Bells & other magic items not included
Order direct from Santa Glenn at:

RealSantas Chair.jpg (117887 bytes)

Build your own

Portable Santa Chair*

Custom designed by and for Santa, you can now get the detailed plans to build your own Portable Santa Chair.  It's the perfect compliment for Santa's appearance at any event.


Click here for more details on how to Build a Santa Chair

  • Constructed from Solid 2" x 8" lumber, a few pieces of plywood and two pre-turned posts, this chair can support up to seven people.  Santa with two kids on each knee and two kids each sitting on the arms of the chair.

  • The back of the chair is easily removed for transportation or if you only want to use the bottom as a bench!

  • Hidden wheels allow this chair to tilt on end and be moved like a hand truck!

  • Only 24 inches deep, this chair will fit through any doorway!

  • Ask your local High School or College woodworking class if they will build it for you as a project!

  • Order now and upon request we can immediately email you the construction instructions, and the lumber and materials list

"Full Sized" Santa's Chair drawing's & instructions with, parts list, cutting plans and  detailed, step-by-step photos for constructing your own chair.  


    $55.00 + s&h


New York residents must pay State sales tax.


*If you are looking for the finished, fully constructed chairs, we apologize.  We used to hand build these chairs and ship direct to each buyer.  But as fuel, labor and lumber costs go up, it has became too difficult to keep the prices reasonable and still make a profit.   Shipping costs were between $250.00 and $350.00 per chair and lumber and labor were pushing the chair costs near the $500.00 mark.  So we decided to just sell the detailed plans and allow each customer build their own chair and in the process save a few hundred dollars!

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