Santa's Chair

Santa's Chair, was custom designed by and for Santa.  It looks as if were made by a toy maker!  The design has strong construction, yet it is portable and easy to use at any event!

After years of using Antique chairs, Recliners, over-stuffed chairs, folding chairs and hotel banquet chairs, Santa decided he wanted a custom chair.  He remembered a favorite chair that he used over 35 years ago at Bullocks and decided that's what he wanted.

He also wanted a chair that was colorful, and looked like it was made by a toy maker.  And, it had to be wide enough to have one child on each knee, plus a child on each arm of the chair and room for parents or more children on each side. 

Because Santa visits many families and goes to many special event locations, he also wanted it to be portable.  It had to have wheels and be able to  fit through any doorway.  The back had to be removable so it would fit in an SUV or station wagon.  And most important, it had to be comfortable.

Construction of this chair is of  the best quality, kiln dried clear pine and spruce with redwood posts.  The base and the back of the chair are made as separate sections, which allows for the base to be used alone, if needed.

All wood was hand cut, routed with a 3/4 inch edge.  Everything was designed to eliminate sharp edges, and anything that might catch, pinch  or snag.  All parts were  drill and hand fitted together with dowels, industrial wood glue, hidden, steel corner brackets and screws.  Again, there are no nails, tacks, pins or staples that could cut or poke anyone.  Once the parts were assembled and the glue was dry,  all screw holes were back-filled with epoxy filler, sanded and completely hidden.  The chair was sanded to a smooth finish, given a couple special coatings of white 'Kilz' primer, and followed by a final fine hand sanding in preparation for the color coats.

Sections of the base and back were then masked off and painted with selected special Red, Green and Gold metallic paints.  Gold trim highlights were painted in on the chair back and carved wood appliqués were added to the chair back and base.  The base and back then received three coats of clear acrylic.  

A pair of 4 inch ball bearing wheels were installed on one side, hidden behind the front panel.  This allows the chair to be moved like a hand truck.   The seat received a 4" layer of foam padding and was upholstered in a dark green patterned velvet.  The back has a 1 inch layer of foam padding and is upholstered in matching velvet, and trimmed with a Metallic gold ribbon edging. 

Click here to see some other examples of this chair as constructed by other Santas!

Santa's Chair Specifications
Height:  64 inches - Fully assembled
28 inches - Base to top of arms
Width: 46 inches
Depth: 24 inches (fits through any doorway)
Sitting area:   18"deep by 32 " wide
Weight 75 lbs. (approximate)
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