Santa's Wreath Ring

 This beautiful ring was custom designed by Eileen Strom and looks almost like the ring worn by Sir Richard Attenborough in the remake of "Miracle on 34th Street."   Custom made to your ring size these rings come in a 10k, 12k and 14k gold, sterling silver and a 14k Heavy Gold Plating over the Sterling Silver.

NOTE:  Due to the daily fluxuation of Gold and Silver prices, we can no longer post prices here on the web.  Once you decide on ordering, please fill out the form below and we will be glad to check the currrent price and notify you before any purchase is made. 

Sterling Silver -

$200.00 - 300.00 approx.

14k Gold Plating over Silver -

$240.00 - $350.00 approx.

10k Solid Gold -

Price available on request

12 k Solid Gold -

Price available on request

14k Solid Gold -

Price available on request

These rings are cast one at at time and are not kept in iventory.  Prices also vary depending on the size of the ring.  Please remember that as the metal prices go up, the cost of the rings will reflect the price increase. Prices quoted include first class postage, insurance, tracking and a leather ring pouch.  (Additional postage is required for shipping outside of the U.S.)  Turn around time is about 14 to 21 days


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