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Custom, Made-to-order Santa Suits from Adele's of Hollywood

Adele's suits are made to last.  In fact, her suits will last years,  probably outlasting Santa.  These suits, are made to order per you size requests right here in Hollywood California   For over 30 years Adele's has been making Customs Santa Suits, and is the largest maker in-the-USA! Each year her shop turns out hundreds of suits.  Many of the Top Santas in the U.S. have been coming to Adele for years.   If you are ever in Hollywood, drop by the shop any day, Tuesday thru Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Ninety-nine percent of the Costume Shops or Web sites that offer Santa Suits are selling pre-made, one-size-fits-all, suits that are made overseas.  Other suits are often low quality and the cannot take the daily wear and tear of a full Holiday Season. 

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Deluxe Santa Suit Coca-Cola Style Suit Crushed Velvet Suit Royal Robe

*Boots, leather belt and gloves as show in photos are not included. A vinyl belt with a square, gild-plated, steel buckle is included.

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  Beautiful white satin shirt just for Santa, with puffy "poet's' sleeves, wide banded cuffs, banded collar and highlighed with beautiful gold trim.
Continental Coat w/vest Royal Cloak w/gold trim Royal Shirt white satin Red vest gold brocade
To see the detail of each item, Click on the photo
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Green Vest w/ Gold Holly Gold Holly detail Gold on green detail Green vest gold brocade
Santa's Velvet Toy Bag   Gold on Red detail  


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