Deluxe Santa Suits & Accessories for the Professional Santa
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Real Santa Boots

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Rudolph's Magic Gloves

Santa's Ring



Custom Tailored American-made Santa Suits from

Adele's of Hollywood

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Traditional Cherry Red Velvet Santa Suit with luxurious white faux furtrim
Traditional Velvet Suit Continental Coat w/ white Satin Shirt, Red Velvet Vest & Pants Velvet Coca-Cola©

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Royal Robe
worn over Coca-Cola Suit
Traditional Crushed Velvet Royal Cloak

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Red Satin Shirt with gold Trim
Green Satin Vest w/ gold holly
White Satin Shirt with
Green Velvet Vest w/ Gold Swirls
White Satin Shirt with
Red Velvet Vest w/ Gold Swirls

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Santa's Buckles

Real Santa Belts

Behind the Red Suit

Invite Santa to your Event!

Get A Head Start on the Holidays

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